HT100 Collapsable Burn In Chamber
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HT100 Collapsable Burn In Chamber Specifications
  • Fixed Temperature Burn-in Chamber
  • Internal Inducible Temperature :  Ambient to 80 Degrees C
  • Uniformity:  +/- 2 Degrees C
  • Stability:  +/- 2 Degrees C
  • External Operating Temperature:  60F to 80F
  • External Dimensions are 48” Wide X 50” Deep x 90” High excluding top mount rack and air handler. 
  • Internal Dimensions are 44” Wide X 48” Deep X 88” High. 
  • Internal Useable Size: 36” Wide x 36” Deep x 80” High
  • Single Insulated Door, Detent latching, of 40” x 84”
  • Viewing Multi Pane Window of 16” Wide x 30” High
  • Single sheet stainless floor
  • One channel temperature controller with redundant over temperature monitor.
  • Front Mounted Emergency Shut Down Button
  • UUT Power Emergency Shutdown ‘signal’ or relay contacts.
  • Modular air handler with shutter controlled high volume exhaust, all on one Platform.
  • One 2000 CFM high volume blower will provide internal air circulation as well as powered exhaust.  Sealed shutter motor will divert hot air out of the cabinet for exhausting. 
  • Process air will be ducted to the floor of the chamber before being released into the chamber.  Various air patterns can be discussed. 
  • Both Fresh air inlet and powered exhaust ports are located side by side at the back rear edge of the roof for easy ducting outside the building.
  • Chamber can be shipped in a collapsed form on a pallet of 102”Long x 56” Wide x 41” High, and shipping weight of 640 Pounds
  • 208-230 VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase 30 Amp operation.